Somewhere along the our journey, the simple life was confused with an easy life. There is nothing easy about the simple life, yet some things can be much more so. The most critical of all our actions, how we choose the food we eat, can enact more change than anything else we could be asked to do. Food should be fresh, it should be unprocessed, and it should be fairly priced for both consumer and farmer. In order to do that, most of the food we eat needs to be local, abundant, and sustainable. Farmers Market Fridays is a reminder and a celebration of the increasing number of green markets around the globe that provide our simplest and possibly easiest step in doing good. To alert of us of special events and market stories please contact us at

What happens when your whole world is taken, uprooted, turned on end, and put back down so close yet so far away from anything that looks familiar? Retransplanted is the ongoing story of what it takes to reestablish some form of control as a family moves from an urban oasis of efficient living to the greener pastures of the suburbia.

From the time we were little kids, Saturday reigned supreme. Nothing could catch us as we hid from school and all the cares of the world. Saturday at the Environmental Obstacle is focused on family and most importantly youth. What we teach our children today is what they grow up to be tomorrow. If caring for the earth is a chore and not a treat, we will continue this cycle of always trying to undo what should have never been.
As part of this feature The Environmental Obstacle is collecting images done by children, of all ages, depicting what they do on any given day that connects them with the Earth. All submitted images should include a short caption or story (maximum 100 words), the artists first name, age, and town where they live. Please send images and stories to saturday@theenvironmentalobstacle.org. Submitting images grants The Environmental Obstacle the rights to display the images on TheEnvironmentalObstacle.org, print images and story in any book published by The Environmental Obstacle, and use it in any medium, whether existing or invented in the future.