The seeds for this little idea were planted 6 years ago. Over the months and years that would follow, several attempts would be made to keep Earth Day every day. As the world has gone green, even when our pockets were saying otherwise, the thought of another eco-site seemed ridiculous. And yet, three false starts later, here we are, with mother nature looking over our shoulder waiting for what comes next. As “green” has come to be redefined on a daily basis, let us not forget who is at the heart of the debate:

The Environmental Obstacle started as a simple idea, communicate the basic values of our home, our planet, our life source—nature and all it provides us. We are not tree huggers, nor do we love whales any more than the next person on a sight-seeing tour (maybe even a little less actually, they are too big to play with), but we do think it imperative to respect the one planet we were given to live on. Science and discovery can push or pull us in all sorts of positive and negative directions, but common sense has always told us that the simplest answer is usually the most correct. It is our human spirit that will have us reaching for the stars, but it is nature itself, the environment we live in, that will always find us on common ground.

Based out of New York, The Environmental Obstacles’ mission is to provide daily thoughts on the world around us. We welcome feedback, inspiration for future stories, and constructive arguments to keep the dialogue growing. We believe that our future depends on us not taking for granted the state of our surroundings, whether good or bad. Good can never be good enough, and what is should not be assumed to always be.

OK, maybe we have a hugged a few trees, but they were asking for it.

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